Why Everyone Wants To Buy Property In Istanbul nov

Why Everyone Wants To Buy Property In Istanbul

Istanbul property is in high demand on the market. There are many options for sale that’s why investors can choose something in compliance with their demands and financial features. Let’s check the advantages of buying property in the city.

Why Investors Are Interested in Istanbul Property

These are reasons of buying Istanbul property buy foreigners:

1.   Istanbul is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It provides access to the two continents and facilitates trade between them.

2.   Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, have a stable and growing economy, which makes them attractive for investment.

3.   Istanbul has a population of over 15 million people, making it one of the largest cities in the world. This provides a large consumer market for goods and services.

4.   Turkey has a stable political system, which reduces risks for foreign investors.

5.   Istanbul is one of the largest tourist centers in the world, which creates opportunities for the development of tourism infrastructure and services. In this case, investors can launch a business here or rent out their property to get the additional income.

6.   Istanbul has a well-developed infrastructure.

7.   Investors can get various tax benefits and support programs, such as exemption from income taxes for a certain period.

8.   Annual real estate price increase is about 80%. So, investors can return money really fast. Moreover, Istanbul property is easy to resell.

So, it’s possible to buy real estate really profitable.

Where To Buy Real Estate In Istanbul

There are several districts that are interesting for foreign investors.

1.   Beshiktash. This is an elite district with expensive real estate. There is a developed infrastructure, a large number of shops, cafes, and banks. The district has a low crime rate. Here you can find many luxury new buildings.

2.   Fatih is another elite district of the city, where the cost of real estate is slightly lower. There are many offers on the market for objects under construction and already built.

3.   Kadikoy is considered one of the safest districts of Istanbul. There are many shops, cafes, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure facilities.

4.   Atashehir is often chosen for families with children. There are many parking lots, ground, and underground parking lots. This is due to the fact that families with a private car settle here. There are only high-rise buildings in this area.

5.   Kartal. There are many luxury villas and elite apartment complexes on the coast. This area is suitable for people with high and middle income.

6.   Bakyrkey is one of the main shopping and residential districts of the European part of Istanbul. There are many inexpensive clothing stores, cafes, and restaurants, some of which have a view of the Marmara Sea.

It’s very profitable if you are going to buy real estate from the developer. Stay Property company is ready to offer you several developing projects in Istanbul. There are apartments and townhouses under construction and already built. Just contact a specialist to find the object you need.

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